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Challenging the traditional agency model – 4 ways Perfect Storm stands out

Posted 19 April 2018, in Marketing, Perfect Storm

The digital world is fragmenting to the point where traditional large full service agencies aren’t agile enough to cope. The online world has opened so many doors, and pulled agency staff in a multitude of directions. According to Marketing Week, just 8% of brands are ‘very satisfied’ with their agency partners. And honestly, we’re not surprised.

Instead of agencies trying to be experts at everything that falls under the digital umbrella, it’s time to come up with a better way of doing things. Agencies need to adapt to this new digital landscape, and only the most flexible, forward-thinking companies will survive.

We’ve come up with a far superior way of working. A way that delivers only the best talent and creative minds, every single time. Here are four ways Perfect Storm are a cut above the rest.

1. We create the perfect project conditions

For a campaign to be a success, agencies need to have smart strategies that enable everyone involved to work in unison. But what happens if you get hit with a curve ball and the game changes?

Unless you’ve got access to a collection of individuals who are responsive and the best at what they do, you can’t adapt to changing circumstances. Maybe one campaign idea proves obsolete, but for us it’s no biggie, because we can bring the right people on board to quickly cope with a change of direction.

From the start of a project, we make sure we’ve got the tools and talent in place to deliver market-leading campaigns.

2. We pick your dream team from our specialist digital partners

By working with some of the best freelancers in different disciplines, we can hand-pick a dream team for each project. And if that means a slightly different team for different clients, then that’s what we’ll do. Because we’re all about harnessing the most impressive talent and putting it to good use. Imagine having an enviable collection of digital ninjas working on your campaign. With Perfect Storm, this can become a reality – and you don’t have to do any of the hard work.

3. We’re agile and sharp

We’re not a huge agency, but we’re also not a small team thanks to our diverse selection of partners. Where more traditional agencies struggle to deal with client demands in the current digital climate, we continue to innovate and adapt. In a Marketing Week survey,  64% of marketers said they look for creativity in agency partners, closely followed by flexibility (58%) and collaboration (55%). Well, we’re all about flexibility and collaboration, and this allows us to be refreshingly creative.

4. We shy away from lengthy, outdated processes

When you’ve got exceptional writers, developers, designers, illustrators and animators within easy reach, there’s no need to follow rusty, outdated processes. To get the best from our suppliers, we need to avoid red tape and give them the freedom they need to innovate. It’s a smarter, more efficient way of doing things. No one wants to waste time filling in pointless spreadsheets or jumping through hoops to make an idea happen. We’re also completely transparent, keeping you in the loop from start to finish.

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