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Coryton provides specialist, advanced fuel solutions to forward-thinking partners across a range of industries. Scale has never an issue as they produce 4,000 unique blends each year, producing more than 14 million litres of bespoke fuels in total for use across the globe.

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The Coryton logo is comprised of two core elements, the Coryton ‘C’ and the globe. This icon represents energy, future and sustainability and this is emphasised with the key brand messaging and tagline ‘For a cleaner future’.

Coryton Logo

Taken out of the context of the logo the Coryton icon can be used to add pattern and texture to visual communications.

The icon in the logo is tilted at 23.5°. We use this angle to draw a diagonal line that is used in a number of ways throughout the brand communications.




Icons are used to describe emotive elements of the brand such as highlighting the brand values expertise, innovation and sustainability. They are also used to describe more functional elements of the brand such as divisions e.g. transport, aviation and research.

The icons are primarily constructed from elements of the logo. They use a combination of circles and angular lines to form the shapes.



We planned and executed a two-day photoshoot for Coryton, aiming to capture a suite of assets that represent their innovative and collaborative approach. The shoot was carried out under strict social distancing guidelines whilst working in a heavily controlled production environment.

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Brushstroke "We chose Perfect Storm based on reputation within my network of contacts and the strong pitch they put together. They have not disappointed, presenting innovative ideas and high quality designs that more than deliver the brief - on time, on budget and output that has left us feeling we have obtained exceptional added value" _
Andrew Willson Coryton - CEO


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