Medical Protection Society

Young Dentist Acquisition Campaign

Medical Protection Society (MPS) is the world’s leading not-for-profit protection organisation for doctors, dentists and healthcare professionals. The organisation has been around for over 125 years with a highly renowned and well-established brand, protecting and supporting the professional interests of more than 300,000 members around the world.

the process in a nutshell

Step 1. Market Research

Step 2. Identify MPS Unique selling points and objectives

Step 3. Develop and refine communication strategy

Step 4. Produce and refine copy it fit the desired strategic approach

Step 4. Produce design concepts

Step 5. Select final designs & distribute across multiple channels


Brand messaging STRATEGY

Strategic Approach:
– Defend against negative price comparison by differentiating superior offering against competitor set

– Not all dental insurance is the same
– Safeguard your career and your financial future

– Defense
– Protection
– Educate Younger Dentists

Proof of Need:
– Average of two claims during dental career

Assertive Communication Message:
– Best in class
– Not all dental protection is the same

Delivery Channel Mix

– Owned Media
– Earned Media
– Paid Media
– Outgoing Member Comms
– Service Comms
– Internal Comms

Seminars/Webinars, Website, Social Channels, PR (online & offline), Industry Events & Speakers, Trade Press Advertising, Prospect Direct Mail, Member DM & emails, Prism, Member Pack, Member Ops narrative, In-building comms & Intranet

MPS Dental
Brushstroke MPS Dental
Brushstroke We really appreciate the work that has gone in to the Young Dentist campaign. It's clear you've absolutely understood our challenges and delivered a great framework for us to build on going forward. _
Sinead Dowd Campaign Co-ordinator - MPS


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